Cloud accounting

Cloud accounting services are the simple way of enabling software to be stored and accessed online.

This way of accounting delivers similar functionality as accounting software that would be stored on your computer, but is hosted on remote servers.

There are many benefits of making use of cloud accounting:

Ease of access is one of the primary advantages associated with cloud-based accounting. With these services, you and your employees will be able to access essential data anywhere at any time.

Your data is securely stored and backed-up in the cloud – meaning that you will not be tied to any particular device.

Cloud accounting services automatically update and upgrade, allowing you to devote more time and attention to running your business.

The use of real time information associated with cloud accounting means that your data will always be up-to-date and current.

Cloud services are extremely cost-effective: expensive computer equipment does not need to be installed in offices, as everything is stored online.

It is clear to see that cloud accounting is the way forward: its ease of use, accessibility and cost effectiveness ensures that it remains a popular choice for businesses worldwide.

Many cloud packages have add-on products that synchronise data between them, so you can add any extras you like and get a bespoke solution of your choice at minimal cost.

Take for example receipt collection software - just take a photo on your phone of your receipts and the app uses character recognition to automate most of the data entry. You do not need to keep the paper receipt because digital copies are acceptable records for HMRC. 

We would be happy to talk to you about what you need from your software, how you like to work and make sensible recommendations for product combinations that will give you results you need. We can provide demonstrations, set you up, train you onsite or at our offices and provide any software and bookkeeping support you need.

To find out more about our cloud accounting services, please do not hesitate to contact us.