Profit extraction planning

Extracting profits from a limited company tax-efficiently requires thorough planning and forethought, not to mention an eye for detail when it comes to compliance.

Profit can be extracted from a company in many ways: through a director’s loan, by utilising dividends and receiving a salary from the business, interest payments, rent payments and so on.

Our expert team can advise on the most suitable profit extraction method to suit your individual requirements and in a way that maximises the financial benefit of all your hard work.

Limited company contractors will also be familiar with so called IR35 legislation. This is a complex and evolving area which requires expert knowledge and understanding. JKT deals with many Personal Service Company contractors, both inside and outside IR35, and has experience with dealing with HMRC status enquiries in this regard.

We also have expert knowledge on settlements legislation, disguised remuneration concerns, alphabet share structures and many other complex areas of tax, which effect the overall profit extraction strategy. Each case is unique and we will be happy to work with you to steer you through an efficient and most importantly, compliant profit extraction plan.

For more information on withdrawing profits from your limited company, please contact us.